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Continuous-use liquid diaphragm pump

Aug. 2, 2013
The maintenance-free NF2.35 liquid micro diaphragm pump delivers a flow rate of 100 ml/min at 235-psig continuously. The pump lets OEM engineers use instrument tubing with increasingly smaller inner diameters, thereby reducing reagent usage. Powered by a brushless BLDC motor, this oil-free pump draws only 10 W at full load, is self-priming, can run dry, and mounts in any direction. The unit’s head is constructed of PEEK, which provides broad chemical resistance. The diaphragm and valves are available in EPDM and FFKM, allowing use with most neutral and aggressive liquids and gases. Uses include fuel cells, cleaning and disinfection devices, needle cleaning in medical devices, liquid spraying and atomizing devices, degassing equipment, chemical injection, water treatment, pressure and leak tightness control devices.KNF Neuberger Inc., Two Black Forest Rd., Trenton, NJ 08691, (609) 890-8600,;

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