Oil-Shear Clutch-Brake Lets Lacrosse Stick Swing Realistically

Oct. 29, 2014
Shear-oil clutch brake lets lacrosse stick swing realistically.

A major manufacturer of lacrosse equipment wanted to test the durability of its lacrosse sticks in game-like settings to ensure they could withstand the use, and abuse, without breaking and creating a danger on field. The firm wanted a machine that could automatically test equipment. It also needed to mimic human reactions when striking stationary objects. In other words, the driving force on the stick had to stop quickly when an immovable object was hit, just like a player would stop his swing if he slammed it into a goal post.

The company soon teamed with Automated Design Corp., Romeoville, Ill., a company that has developed and manufactured a host of automated testing machines for sports equipment. The final testing “robot” consists of a Yaskawa SGMGV-13 servo motor, GAM EPL-W-084-003G planetary reducer with servo adaptor, the Force Control Posidyne clutch-brake, and an encoder.