Efficiency in Fractional HP Motors & Gearmotors

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When does higher efficiency make sense (and cents)?

Efficiency is often one of the last factors that design engineers think about when specifying for an OEM application, yet it is critical to a successful, optimized design in many ways. Efficiency in Fractional HP Motors & Gearmotors provides overview of efficiency as it relates to other design considerations such as power source, operating cost, temperature, purchase cost and size.

Explore these topics and learn…when does a more efficient, and sometimes more costly, motor or gearmotor actually provide an ROI over the life of an application?

 1. Application Considerations – Using application design checklists to gather efficiency-related application information and understanding what it means.

2. Component Comparisons – explore the efficiencies and operating characteristics of various motors, speed reducers/gearboxes, and controls. Huge penalties results from over-sizing or under-sizing motion components.

3. System Efficiency - how do you effectively and efficiently match the components to achieve both performance points and energy efficiency for the overall system? Are some combinations better, or worse, than others?

4. Cost Impact
– learn how to apply formulas and computations to evaluate system cost and operating cost, while still meeting application design requirements.

Download the Efficiency in Fractional-HP Motors & Gearmotors paper now.

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