Machine Design

Flexible VFD Cable

V-Flex cable is designed for variable-frequency drives (VFD). The cables feature both UL and CSA tray-cable ratings, a low-temperature rating of –40°C, and a bend radius that is 5× that of standard VFD cable.

Cross-linked polyethylene insulation offers resistance from corona discharge and low capacitance for longer runs. A TPE jacket resists everything from corroding solvents (UL Oil Res I/II) to intense sunlight. The 5× static bend radius lets V-Flex fit in tight corners.

The V-Flex cable comes in sizes from 16 to 4 awg, with a temperature range of –40 to 90°C. The cables’ double shielding system (a combination of aluminum/polyester/aluminum foil and copper braid with 85% coverage) protects against EMI over a wide frequency range.

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