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High-power ac drives market expanding

High-power ac drives market expanding

Mirroring the low-power ac drives market, sales of high-power ac drives also rebounded in 2010, making a significant comeback from the economic doldrums of 2009. What's more, analysts at ARC Advisory Group, Dedham, Mass., expect growth to continue through 2015. According to the new report, High Power AC Drive Worldwide Outlook, infrastructure development continues in both advanced and emerging economies with significant government stimulus funding supporting construction.

As a result, investments for high-power ac drives in industries such as electric power generation and water and wastewater have increased. Additionally, end users and OEMs across many industries recognize that high power ac drives are a major contributor to energy savings. Drives suppliers are in a strong growth position because their products are key to improving energy efficiency in both manufacturing and building automation, say analysts.

Beyond sustainability issues, globalization has also created a growth market for drives based on demand for modern infrastructure, especially in emerging economies. High-power ac drives are key components for infrastructure development and operation, with airports and road construction driving demand for products from the metals and mining, cement and glass, and oil and gas industries.

Geographically, the strongest growth for the high power ac drives market is expected in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), and of these, China and India in particular. A brief description of the economic scenarios for each major world area is included in the new report. For more information, visit

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