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High-Speed Motor and Encoder Pair Has Resolutions Down to 1.25 µm

High-Speed Motor and Encoder Pair Has Resolutions Down to 1.25 µm

Two new direct-drive linear motors in Moticont's SDLM line feature a linear optical quadrature encoder to enhance accuracy.

The engineers at Moticont, Van Nuys, Calif., designed two new high-speed, direct-drive linear motors, part of the company’s SDLM series also known as Electric Cylinders. The compact motors measure an inch in diameter and 2.75 and 3.75 inches long with half-inch and one-inch strokes, respectively.

They include a linear optical quadrature encoder directly connected to the motor shaft for the best possible accuracy. Each motor is rated for 20 oz. (5.7 N) of continuous force and a peak force of 66.0 oz. (18.3 N) at 10% duty cycle.

Both motors also feature long-life plain linear bearings, a non-rotating shaft, threaded mounting holes, and threaded shaft ends that make it easy to put into new or existing applications. The motors are directly coupled to the load, so acceleration and speed are high and there is no cogging and/or backlash, which are common on other devices such as ball screws, gears, and rack-and-pinion drives.

The linear motors are well suited for inspection, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, aerospace, ophthalmic, non-contact examination, medical, electronic assembly, laser machining, and robotics surgery equipment.

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