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Ironless and Iron-Core Brushless Linear Motors

Ironless and Iron-Core Brushless Linear Motors

A new line of standard and customizable brushless linear motors, also called AC servo linear motors, features long stationary magnet assemblies and short moving coils. The stationary magnet assembly is U-shaped to provide a slot for the moving coil. Motors are commutated trapezoidally with Hall Effect sensors or sinusoidally with software. Users must supply a PWM 3-phase brushless servo amplifier to power the motor.

The inner faces of the motor’s steel parallel plates are lined with flat and parallel-slanted, nickel-plated steel-backed iron and neodymium magnets. The steel base of the ‘U’ has threaded and thru holes for attachment to a user-provided base plate. All parts of the coil are encapsulated with epoxy.

Stroke length is customizable, speeds range up to 240 ips, and the motors are ideal for long stroke, high speed, closed -loop applications. Motors can be iron-core or ironless.

H2W Technologies; 26380 Ferry Court, Santa Clarita, CA 91350;  888-702-0540

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