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Linear Actuators Optimal in Standard or Extreme Applications

Linear Actuators Optimal in Standard or Extreme Applications

Fig. 1

Highly compact, high torque, customized—these are three outstanding attributes of the linear actuators used for cyber force motors in a wide range of applications. They are just as impressive at assembly workstations as they are in complex mating and pressing processes; in capping systems for filling and packing food and beverage products; when reshaping plastic film or metal sheets; or for closing and dispensing axes in injection-molding machines.

The WITTENSTEIN cyber motor builds screw-type actuators based on a modular system with customized sizing and configuration. Flange sizes range from 40 mm to 270 mm, with maximum linear speeds of up to 2 m/s, and maximum forces of up to 750 kN (170,000 lbf). Motor winding and ball screw pitch selection are optimized to design the perfect linear actuator for every application, minimizing footprint while maximizing efficiency and reliability ratings. Operating temperature may range between -40 C and +300 C.

The linear and combined linear-rotary actuators of cyber force motors are well established as compact, ready-to-mount, and technically and commercially optimized solutions. Due to their modular design, these actuators can be adapted to almost any requirements. They meet application needs without compromises—and with benefits that directly impact cost of ownership.

For more information about WITTENSTEIN cyber motors, contact Will Vinson.

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