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Motor/driver package

Motor/driver package

The BLE Series brushless motor and driver package now features a built-in controller (stored data)as part of the BLE Flex Series. The benefit of an additional controller is the built-in pulse generator allows the motor to be driven by a simple connection to a PLC or other device. The information needed to operate the motor is built into the driver, reducing the burden on the programmable PLC or touchscreen, and simplifying the system configuration for multiaxis control.

The devices are available with 30-W (1/25-hp), 60-W (1/12-hp), and 120-W (1/6-hp) motors in round shaft, parallel geared, or hollow-shaft flat-geared combination type.

Features include speed control range of 80 to 4,000 rev/min, gearheads with a 10,000-hr rated life, maintenance-free and energy efficient operation, and electromagnetic brake available for vertical drives.

Oriental Motor USA Corp., 1001 Knox St., Torrance, CA 90502, (310) 715-3301,

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