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New Linear Motor Courtesy of ANCA Motion

New Linear Motor

ANCA Motion introduced its Australian-designed and manufactured LinX Linear Motor at IMTS. The motor is a cylindrical motion system providing improved performance. The LinX is fully sealed and can be used for machine tool and food processing system. It is available in a range of different sizes to allow for application specific solutions. Showcased at IMTS, the motors were first seen on a range of ANCA CNC toll and cutter grinders.

There are many benefits to the linear motor, including: easier alignment of magnets for faster machine build; magnets that are safer to handle; no back-iron with reduced cogging for smoother motion and better surface finish; and, zero net magnetic attractive forces—with no increase to down-force to wear rails or guide-ways, extending machine life. Its higher acceleration speed and higher velocities of linear motor causes improved cycle times—extending service life with less downtime for maintenance.

The LinX requires no lubrication and includes a “patent pending” thermal barrier that separates and removes heat from the motor—leading to no thermal growth issues and a “patent pending” lateral mounting cartridge. Additionally, it requires no extra cooling system and when used with the ANCA Motion AMD5x servo drives with special algorithm for increased axis stiffness, it will lessen axis deflection for improved accuracy. 

ANCA Motion, 1 Bessemer Road, Bayswater North VIC 3153, Australia, +613 9751 8900

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