Positioning motors/drives

The Lexium MDrive (LMD) line includes two motor sizes, NEMA-23 and 34, and two product versions: Pulse/Direction — motor and drive with four control modes: torque, speed, velocity, and step clock direction; and Motion Control — motor, drive, and controller for direct programming with 11,120 bytes of Flash memory.

These products feature a Serial RS-422/485 communication interface, with an operating power range of 12 to 70 Vdc.

LMD products with internal encoder operate in closed-loop mode using hMTechnology, which blends stepper ad servomotor benefits while eliminating negatives such as loss of synchronization or stalling. A variable-current control feature reduces heat, saves energy, and lowers operating costs.

Schneider Electric Motion USA, 70 N. Main St., Box 457, Marlborough, CT 06447, (860) 295-6102, www.motion.schneider-electric.com


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