Rolling-ring drive with controller for linear motion

The Precision Motion Drive System from Amacoil/Uhing is a Model RG rolling ring linear drive with a motion controller for precise, linear motion. The fully programmable drive delivers 7 to 899 lb of axial thrust, depending on RG drive nut’s size of the. The drive head’s linear motion is controlled via software and monitored by sensors feeding back to an electronic control unit. The drive stores up to 20 programs which may be recalled at the touch of a button and offers a high degree of flexibility with the drive nut’s customized linear movement of the drive nut. The core PLC/software package can control several Model RG drive stations, making it unnecessary to buy several drives for higher production rates. A stepper motor controlled by a Siemens S7 PLC is included in the package. The drive runs on a smooth, case hardened steel shaft. There are no threads, which means contaminants cannot cause jams or clogs. The shaft can rotate in either direction, eliminating the need to buy a reversible motor. Drive nut travel direction, linear pitch, and other motion parameters are controlled by the angle of the rolling ring bearings inside the drive unit which is controlled by user programming.

Amacoil Inc. www.amacoil.com, (610) 485-8300.

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