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Machine Design

Servomotor, actuator, amplifier, and positioner, all in one unit

The Explorer Series of electric actuators from Exlar Corp.,Chanhassen, Minn.

The Explorer Series of electric actuators from Exlar Corp., Chanhassen, Minn. (, combines a brushless servoamplifier and position controller in a single unit, letting users add servo performance to linear and rotary motion with a separate amplifier. This simplifies installation and wiring. It also places all components in a single housing, which is rated IP54. An optional IP64 housing is available for applications that must be washed down or come into contact with fluids frequently. Up to 500 W of continuous power can be sent to the servomotor to generate the needed speed and force. The units have the same size and shape as hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, making it simple to retrofit to an all-electric layout.

In the linear actuator, strokes range from 2 to 18 in., maximum speed is 24 ips, and maximum continuous thrust is 1,300 lbf. For the rotary version, maximum output is 55 lbf-in. continuous or 138 lbf-in. peak torque.

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