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Turbine Hole-Drilling Solution Boosts Speed Up to 10X

Turbine Hole-Drilling Solution Boosts Speed Up to 10X

The HybridCell, jointly developed by Synova and Makino, offers high-quality hole drilling of gas turbines in mission-critical applications.

To address the need for high-quality hole drilling of engine components in mission-critical aerospace and industrial gas turbine applications, Synova and Makino joined forces to develop the HybridCell. The HybridCell consists of Synova’s MCS 500 Laser MicroJet machine and Makino’s EDBV3 electrical discharge machining (EDM) hole-drilling machine.

The Laser MicroJet system is used to cut diffuser shapes in the coating layer and drilling metering holes, and the EDBV drills the deep through holes. To optimize throughput, the machine tasks are balanced between the HybridCell machines. An innovative solution integrated into the EDM machine allows the HybridCell to handle difficult “non-line of sight” holes.  Furthermore, the cell’s complex data-transfer scheme enables high-accuracy hole-drilling of complete components.

“Combining Synova's MCS 500 Laser MicroJet machine with Makino’s well-established hi-speed EDBV machines enables our customers to drill holes in components already pre-coated with a thermal barrier, as opposed to post-coating drilling processes currently being used,” says Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen, Synova Founder and CEO. “This approach significantly simplifies the overall process, improves quality and reduces overall manufacturing.”

Brian Pfluger, EDM Product Manager at Makino, adds that “All EDM drilling on EDBV machines is performed while being fully submerged under water. This enables faster machining speeds, improves part quality, and creates more stable and consistent conditions during cavity wall penetration. Speeds up to 10 times that of conventional technologies are achieved.”

The fully automated, manufacturing-ready work cell can handle a wide range of hole-drilling applications. The system is available through Makino’s North American Single Source Technologies sales channel.

Those visiting IMTS 2016 conference can learn more about the technology by visiting Makino’s booth (S-8700) in the south hall, or Synova’s booth (N-6377) in the north hall.

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