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Washer Helps Assure Quick-Release of Shaft Collar

Washer Helps Assure Quick-Release of Shaft Collar

The Elasto-Ring rubber washer cushions the U-Clip quick-release collar against any pressures.

When a U-Clip quick–release collar is used to hold a reel or spool on a shaft, it can sometimes get stuck as the spool flanges expand and create back pressure. The bulging flanges press against the U-Clip and interfere with the clip’s quick-release mechanism.

To prevent this, engineers at Amacoil Inc., Aston, Pa., developed the Elasto-Ring, a rubber washer that cushions the U-Clip against any pressures. The ring snaps onto the end of the U-Clip collar and absorbs any back pressure, making it easy to remove the ring and clip quickly using just one hand.

Elasto-Ring washers come in the same 10 sizes as U-Clip collars, ranging in diameter from 8 to 35 mm. Made of durable, heat-resistant rubber,  they are long lasting and do not deteriorate from heat generated by friction coming from the rotating spool flange.

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