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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to the Mine We Go with Nylatron GS

Nylatron GS, a molybdenum-disulphide (MoS2) filled nylon, is now certified by the Mine Safety and Health Administration, U.S. Dept. of Labor.

MSHA requires that all components taken into mines meet flammability criteria including Interim Fire Criteria for acceptance (CR-130). This is the second grade of Nylatron to earn this distinction. Nylatron GSM, an enhanced load bearing nylon, was also approved by MSHA (Acceptance No. IC-197) and was initially used in conveyor edge rollers. Nylatron GS is strong, rigid, and has a lower coefficient of linear thermal expansion than nylon 101. Bearings made from it maintain better fit and clearances, and have less tendency to seize.

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Compounding MoS2 into nylon 66 improves mechanical, thermal, and bearing properties without loss of basic electrical and chemical properties. The finely divided particles boost lubricity, letting Nylatron GS parts operate with little or no lubrication, and have a longer service life.

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