What's Inside?



Two-Speed Gearbox Provides High Speed and High Torque

Engineers at Stober have designed and built the PS Two-Speed gear box to quickly and efficiently carve complex parts out of modern metals.

Are Holding Brakes Shrinking?

Ogura shows how the MTNB/TNB series brake works.

Hall Sensor Measures 360 Deg. of Rotation

Engineers who want to measure and control rotating antennas, fluid flow direction, or a robotic arm joint can now use a Two-Pi hallpot angle sensor from Elweco Inc.

Creating Larger Forces with Differential Roller Screws

Schaeffler’s PWG differential roller screw can create up to five times the force of a ball screw, making it ideal for hydraulic systems.

Wireless, Energy-Harvesting Switches Transmit Data More Than 900 ft.

Wireless AFIS rocker and snap switches can harvest the energy needed to send a radio message containing all user data via an antenna.
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Software Update Leads to Faster, Cheaper 3D Printing

Updates to the Form 1+ SLA model software help to improve 3D printing.
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Pneumatic Cylinder Designed to Stay Clean

With an eye on hygiene, Aventics' new mini pneumatic cylinder was designed using roll-in geometry for its cover to prevent dirt accumulation.
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Sensor Leverages Thermodynamics to Measure Gas Flows

MEMSIC's MFC2000 series gas flow sensor measures up to 70 liters per minute of gas flow with a minimal pressure drop.
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Compact, Electric Cylinders Lower Costs

The EC1 Linear Positioner from Kollmorgen, Redford, Va., has a maximum stroke length of 200 mm and delivers thrusts of up to 150 lb. at 13 ips.