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Machine Design

Piezo scanners

A catalog covers a variety of novel closed-loop planar piezo scanners and controllers with advanced digital features for atomic force and scanning probe microscopy.

Compared to conventional piezo-tube scanners, the low-bow, flexure-guided piezo stages are run in closed-loop mode and provide significantly lower out-of-plane motion (flatness) and better linearity. A special stage designed with a new lead-free piezo material allows resolution down to 20 picometers and less than 1-nm hysteresis.

Flexure stages with 1,800-micron travel ranges and many different configurations from single axis to six-axis systems are available.

Self-locking ultrasonic motor stages with long travel ranges to 200 mm are available for prepositioning, and as a stable base for the high-speed piezo scanners.

Physik Instrumente L.P., 16 Albert St., Auburn, MA 01501, (508 832-3456,

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