Machine Design
Pulsed UV tool

Pulsed UV tool

The RC-250B, the handheld pulsed UV tool delivers energy to a precise spot or to larger areas up to 1 × 2 in.

The unit is available with a range of options:

  • • Aim-and-cure precision — position the wand over the target and get a safe, instantaneous cure.
  • • Cool operation — the lamp head is built into the wand and radiates energy in intermittent pulses so minimal heat is transferred to substrates and temperature-sensitive parts are protected from damage.
  • • Fast action — no warm-up is needed; the RC-250B has high peak power for deep penetration and complete cures, then turns off instantly.
  • • Environmentally friendly — the unit does not create or use volatile organic components (VOCs) or create suspended airborne particulates.

Xenon Corp., 37 Upton Dr., Wilmington MA 01887, (978) 661-9033,

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