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Silicone thermal interface

EPM1-2493 is a low-viscosity, lowmodulus silicone elastomer with a nominal thermal conductivity of 1 W/mk. The material offers bond lines as thin as 5 microns and can be used to adhere materials with differing coefficients of thermal expansion for significant stress reduction during thermal cycling. The low-volatility elastomer can reduce or even prevent contamination of electronic components used in applications exposed to high heat, such as solder reflow at 260°C. The elastomer adheres well to aluminum. Its adhesive strength can be improved using a primer, achieving average lap shear values of 120‡psi (0.8 MPa).

EPM1-2493 does not have a pastelike consistency like other thermally conductive silicones; it is a pourable, conformal liquid for potting/filling recessed areas and applying to intricate geometries in electronic applications. It can also adhere to integrated circuit substrates, base plates, or heat sinks, or where grooves or other configurations require a limited flow material.

EPM1-2493 is supplied in a 1:1 mix ratio and can be loaded into syringes and dispensed as a one-part material for automated dispensing. The elastomer cures at lower temperatures but can be heat-accelerated for faster cure time.

NuSil Technology LLC
1050 Cindy Lane
Carpinteria, CA 93013
(805) 684-8780


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