Photochemically etched lead frames

Custom-designed, photochemically etched surface-mount and insert-mount lead frames for integrated circuit manufacturing are now available. The frame’s base materials include Kovar, nickel-iron alloys, copper alloys, and pure nickel. The lead frames can be plated entirely or selectively with silver, nickel, gold, or tin, depending on the customer’s specific electrical and thermal conductivity requirements.  

High-density lead frames with acute profiles and ultrafine pitches allow for high pin counts. Single or double-sided lead frames are etched without incurring the stresses associated with typical machining methods. Also available are lead frames too complicated for stamping. Dimensions can be held to extremely tight tolerances, with no burrs or other surface irregularities.

 Lead frames range in thickness from 0.5 to 40 mil (0.0127 to 1.575 mm), with features as small as 4 mil (0.10 mm) on 0.010-in. (0.254-mm) centers.

Photofabrication Engineering Inc., 500 Fortune Blvd., Milford, MA 01757, (508) 478-2025,

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