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Mini bellows contact springs - Servometer/PMG LLC

Miniature bellows contact springs ensure reliable electrical connection when tolerance buildup, vibration, and thermal expansion becomes a problem with lifetime spring and force repeatability. The gold-plated springs’ flexibility lets them minimize shock and vibration in dynamic applications.
The contacts have low spring rates so force requirements of 0.04 oz (1.13 gm)/0.001 in. of travel are available, permitting contact with a delicate component or material.
The bellows, available in 0.020 to 0.245 in. diameters, are made from electrodeposited nickel alloy and gold-plated to ASTM B 488-01 for enhanced conductivity. The contact springs have extremely low dc resistance with a minimum of insertion loss, and their nonporous, seamless design makes them nonpermeable to dust, dirt, or moisture.
With the electrodeposition process, the contacts can be made from nickel, copper, gold, or silver.
Features of the bellows include a low loss of 0.20 dB (shorter) to 45 dB (longer) at 6 GHz with a much higher total bandwidth; 4-A maximum current; and operation to 260°F, all while maintaining full spring qualities. The bellows have no low temperature limit — bellows currently in use are operating at -423°F below zero.
Servometer/PMG LLC, 501 Little Falls Rd., Cedar Grove, NJ 07009, (973) 785-4630,

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