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Re: Kudos and Brickbats

In response to the letter, “Kudos and brickbats,” that appeared in the January, 2003 issue: The United States of America was founded on a belief in God, not atheism. That can’t be changed; it’s history. Those who have a problem with that should find another country with a history more to their liking.

Christianity is still the dominant religion in the U.S. — the letter writer admitted that — yet it’s being put in a box by a minority under the guise of “religious freedom” and “constitutional rights.” It is high time we quit letting a few decide the freedoms of the many. And it is high time we put a stop to the ACLU and other groups systematically destroying our rights because they might “offend” this group or that group. This is not the way our country was founded to run.

The country was founded on “religious freedom,” understood to be a Government endorsed belief in the Judeo-Christian God, where people could decide on their own where and how to worship, or whether to worship at all. Now, some are using this very freedom to take God out of America, calling it “the separation of church and state.” This phrase and what it is said to imply has nothing to do with our country today, and it is not in the founding documents. Sadly, though, it is being used as an excuse to outlaw expressions of faith in public places. If not stopped soon, and exposed for what it is, it will even be used to remove “In God We Trust” from our currency and “One nation under God” from our pledge.

If someone chooses not to believe in God, they have that right; but they don’t have a “right” to think they can change the way our country believes. By the way, there are many non Judeo- Christian countries around the world for people who are unhappy with our true heritage. As long as these people don’t mind giving up a few of their rights — some of these countries will imprison, beat, or kill you if you don’t follow the party line — the solution to their problem is an airplane ride away.

Larry Barbour

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