No Cables: Flexible Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Harvests Electricity

May 5, 2022
Learn how an innovative new technology converts all forms of light into electrical energy.

A patented solar cell technology, Powerfoyle, converts all forms of light into electrical energy and eliminates the need to charge using cables. The innovative technology consists of an electrode nanomaterial that offers up to 1,000 times better conductivity than other materials used in flexible solar cells. Powerfoyle was developed by the Swedish solar technology company Exeger, which was awarded a patent for a new superconducting electrode material (Patent No. EP2625703) in 2018.

In this video, Exeger’s founder and CEO, Giovanni Fili, talks about how the pioneering technology could eliminate the need to use traditional cables for charging electrical devices. He also touches on salient themes affected by its development, including sustainability technology and the need for consumer electronics to break the addiction to electricity.

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