Next Frontier: Space Disposal Systems and Satellite Servicing

Sept. 7, 2022
Jeromy Grimmett's long-term vision for Rogue Space Systems Corporation extends far beyond sweeping up space debris.

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A growing interest in space operations among influential corporations (including Amazon, Apple, OneWeb and SpaceX,) is catalyzing a Space Age scenario foreshadowed in the 1970s by astrophysicist and former NASA scientist, Donald Kessler: “As the number of artificial satellites in earth orbit increases, the probability of collisions between satellites also increases.”

The effects of this scenario could lead to serious consequences for space programs.

In this video, Jeromy Grimmett, founder and CEO of Rogue Space Systems Corporation, wraps up a three-part conversation with Machine Design by sharing his long-term vision of the company he is building to help offset some of the consequences of not mitigating, tracking or remediating orbital debris.

His long-term vision extends far beyond sweeping up space debris and includes becoming an interplanetary services company that encompasses everything from transport to communications transactions.

“We want to be the infrastructure that supports and enables the space economy,” Grimmett said. “It’s not going to happen overnight, but we’re going to get there. As commercial business and U.S. national interest increase in space between the Moon and Mars, Rogue is going to be there.”

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