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A conveyor for small, bantamweight products

A conveyor for small, bantamweight products

The 1100 Series conveyor platform from Dorner Mfg. Corp., Hartland, Wis. (, offers OEMs and factory owners the thinnest frame in North America. It measures just ¾-in. tall and can fit in tight spaces or free up room for other machines or workers. The conveyors have anodized-aluminum frames, FDA-approved plastic tail plates, and stainless-steel fasteners, letting it qualify for Clean Room Class 100 certification. This makes them suitable for medical, pharmaceutical, and life-science applications, as wells industrial use.

Optimized for small parts, the handling system features a 5/8-in. roller transfer tail for accurate and efficient product transitions from the conveyor to a machine or another conveyor. The belt is nearly flush with the frame, simplifying side transfers. The belt is also tracked and kept centered by the pinch drive and conveyor frame. The pinch drive, which can be located anywhere along the length of the conveyor, handles 15-lb loads without needing high belt tension. And loosening four fasteners on the drive lets it separate into halves, making belt changes simple and fast.

Conveyors come with fixed-speed ac or brushless-dc gearmotors. The brushless gearmotor offers forward and reverse, as well as 60 indexes/min. Belt speed is adjustable up to 70 fpm, and belts come in widths from 1.75 to 10 in. Conveyor lengths go from 10.5 to 60 in. in 1/8-in. increments.

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