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Cord grips keep cables under control

Cord grips keep cables under control

Fourth-generation cord grips from SAB North America, Fairfield, N. J. (, are made of nickel-plated brass and can provide electromagnetic compatibility while grounding or securing the end of a cable to equipment or a panel. They can handle cables with diameters ranging from 0.12 to 1.75 in. (3 to 44 mm) and operate in temperatures from –20 to 100°C with short-term exposure to –40 to 300°C.

The four-piece fittings provide an IP67 watertight connections and, with cable hose, the rating goes to IP68. Fingers with large contact areas mean resistance stays low even on loosely woven cable braids. The large contact area also lets the cord grips work despite vibrations such as those found in wind turbines. The grips are available in metric, PG, and NPT, and are UL, CSA, and VDE approved.

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