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In-line design makes for an ergonomic ratchet

In-line design makes for an ergonomic ratchet

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Most cordless power tools use an angle-style design that gives technicians clearance issues when working in tight spaces. The slide-on battery pack gets in the way. To eliminate this problem and improve ergonomics, designers at Ingersoll Rand, Davidson, N. C. (, put the 20-V lithium-ion battery pack in-line with the rest of the tool’s components on its IQV20 Series R3130 Cordless Ratchet. The battery and grip make the tool well balanced while letting workers reach fasteners in cramped spaces.

The battery pack remains interchangeable with other tools in the IQV20 Series.

The handle is made entirely of an ultrastrong reinforced composite so it is lightweight, yet extremely durable. The soft-touch rubber overmold and contoured handle makes it comfortable for workers, even when using the tool for long periods of time. Additionally, the pivoting variable-speed trigger is positioned so that the operator actuates the tool with the index finger.

The ratchet delivers up to 54 lb-ft of torque. The tools weighs 4.4 lb and is 17.5-in. long (with battery).

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