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An oddball camera

Do you dream of "combining your love of bouncing balls and your obsession with taking pictures?"

Then your time is coming. Two inventors recently came up with either a ball that takes pictures or a camera that bounces. Called SatuGO (for See, Aim, Throw, captUre and GO), from the company of the same name (, the camera can be programmed to take pictures when it hits a surface or based on a timer, so users can set it and get some aerial shots.

The camera contains a 3-megapixel CCD camera, 1 Gbyte of memory, and a battery. Plugging it into a computer with its USB plug charges the battery and lets users see pictures they've taken. The 2.5-in.diameter ball is waterproof, contains acceleration sensors to detect bounces and knocks, and has a shutter speed of 0.00023 sec. When placed in its release holder, the device can be used as a Webcam.

But if you want one, don't hold your breath. The company is still looking for a manufacturer. It is however, registering prospective SatuGO buyers on its Web site, hoping to show manufacturers SatuGO's market potential.

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