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Taking the hassle out of wiring outlets

Taking the hassle out of wiring outlets

Anyone who deals with the wiring on electrical outlets, everyone from contractors to homeowners, should appreciate the simplicity of the PlugTail connector

Developed by Pass & Seymour/Legrand, Syracuse, N.Y., the PlugTail connector combines leaded connectors, much like those used for hooking up modern telephones, and a matching receptacle in the back of the outlet. During construction, prestripped leads are bagged to keep them clean. Later, a plastic connector is attached to the wires with some mounting screws. Finally, the connector clicks in or out of the outlet receptacle. This eliminates any soldering and ensures connections are consistently reliable. It is also safer in that there are no live wires to deal with once plastic connectors are attached to the wires. The system simplifies testing because technicians can safely power up a circuit once the connectors are in place.

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