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Two-piece fastener tightly holds components to shafts


A new locking device rigidly mounts rotating components to shafts quickly and easily, according to its manufacturer, Stock Drive Products, New Hyde Park, N.Y.

Here's how it works. Shaftloc is made up of two slotted sleeves. The outer sleeve has a hexagonal head and is cylindrical on the outside and threaded on the inside. The inner slotted sleeve is threaded on the outside and cylindrical on the inside. The thread profiles are not symmetrical but instead have a saw-tooth shape with a shallow angle, creating a continuous inclined surface. When the two sleeves are threaded into each other and tightened, the mating angled surfaces of the threads causes the outer sleeve to expand and the inner sleeve to contract, tightly clamping machine components. Keyways and setscrews are eliminated and the device can be repositioned without marring the shaft. It also works on shafts with existing keyways.

The stainless-steel Shaftloc can secure pulleys, gears, and couplings to unmachined inch and metric shafting from 3 mm to 0.5 in.

TAGS: Fasteners
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