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Clutch Adds Benefits to Outdoor Equipment

Clutch Adds Benefits to Outdoor Equipment

Electromagnetics and a double-sided brake pad add big benefits to your outdoor power equipment.

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Although the GT1.5 Series PTO Clutch Brake by Ogura is used on a variety of outdoor power equipment, its primary use is on consumer lawn tractors and commercial zero turn machines. Its function is to engage a drive belt, which in turn, is connected to the cutting blade or blades on a piece of mowing equipment.  Unlike traditional clutch brake applications, the PTO for power equipment utilizes an electromagnetic clutch and a mechanical brake.  The brake is used to help slow the blades to meet industry stop-time requirements.  

This patented design features two large opposing brake pads (flip-set).  When the clutch is worn, the two bolts holding the pads can be removed and the pad can be flipped extending overall cycle life.

Shutting power off will lead to the springs attached to the armature assembly to pull the armature to contact the brake plate. This will apply frictional force to help the blades slow to a stop.

When the blades are required to turn, the operator applies voltage to the clutch by engaging the PTO switch.  The electromagnetic flux pulls the armature away from the brake shroud and against the rotor.  As the armature and rotor come into contact, the clutch engages and the belt starts to turn the blades.  When the clutch is fully engaged, there is no slip between the armature and rotor, so torque transmittal is 100% efficient.  

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