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Compact, Electric Cylinders Lower Costs

Compact, Electric Cylinders Lower Costs

Fig. 1The EC1 Linear Positioner from Kollmorgen, Redford, Va., has a maximum stroke length of 200 mm and delivers thrusts of up to 150 lb. at 13 ips. It operates in temperatures from -30 to 70°F. The positioner can be used either with the company’s AKM brushless servomotor or its CT stepper motor. Engineers have reduced the size of the unit by 33% compared to alternatives. It is designed as a clean, efficient replacement for hydraulic actuators and pneumatic cylinders.

The unit is available in both standard and custom lengths. In addition, it can be equipped with either threaded, spherical, or clevis rod ends. For feedback, optional home and limit sensors are also available.

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