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Coupling Makes Fast Connections for Medical-Oxygen Applications

Coupling Makes Fast Connections for Medical-Oxygen Applications

The MediMate CGA 870CB yoke-style connector from FasTest Inc., Roseville, Minn., provides quick and simple connections for medical oxygen-filling equipment. The lightweight, cast-brass body is 1.2 lb lighter than previous brass models. The connector contains no aluminum, letting it easily meet auto-ignition standards. And a durable stainless-steel actuator piston ensures safe, effective connections and makes for a durable, long-lasting device.

The connector lets health-care technicians hook up oxygen bottles with one hand with the flip of a Delrin lever. There are no twists or turns required to fill oxygen cylinders. It is rated to 3,600 psi with a standard ¼-in. male NPT straight-flow 180° termination port and has FDA-grade Viton elastomer seals.

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