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Electronic Latch Resists Corrosion and the Outdoors

Electronic Latch Resists Corrosion and the Outdoors

The R4-EM Outdoor Electronic Rotary Latch from Southco, Concordville, Pa., has a sealed actuator and stainless-steel or plated-steel housing, making it rugged enough to withstand outdoor use and resist corrosion. The electromechanical actuator within the latch is sealed to IP56 for protection against water and dust and can withstand temperatures from –40 to 80°C. It is powered by 12 to 24 Vdc with minimal current consumption, and has a simple optional mechanical override. The microcontroller inside the latch accepts control inputs from any access-control device. It also has the power to open or close against heavy mechanical loads. It can be supplied with a sealed or nonsealed connector or no connector at all. An optional internal microswitch provides a latch-status signal for remote monitoring.

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