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Hospital Bed Helps Patients and Nurses

Hospital Bed Helps Patients and Nurses

A new hospital bed from Hil-Rom, Batesville, Ind., the Advanta 2, was designed based on suggestions from working nurses on what would make the bed easier to use. As a result, it boasts several labor-saving features. For example, four-corner braking and steering make the bed easy to maneuver down tight hallways and crowded rooms. A built-in extender lets one staffer add length to the bed. And a line-management subsystem keeps IV lines untangled and out of the way. The beds also have centrally located controls for positioning the bed and patient and electric vascular-foot controls let a caregiver raise a patient’s feet without having to lift the weight of the patient’s legs.

The bed's patient-friendly features help make hospital stays more comfortable and less stressful. Bed controls are within reach of most patients. In-rail storage gives patients a place to store glasses, cell phones, tablets, and other relatively small items. Ergonomic hand grips make it easier and safer to get in and out of bed.

The high-tech bed also has a built-in alarm to alert staff when a person moves, tries to get out of bed, or has left the bed. The bed can automatically send data to several clinical apps such a NavicCare4 Nurse Call and EMRs.

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