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IR Camera Spots Problems Early

IR Camera Spots Problems Early

The Ti90 and Ti95 industrial infrared cameras from Fluke Corp., Everett, Wash., can help factory technicians uncover potential problems before they grow into catastrophic failures by revealing invisible hot spots. The handheld IR cameras have a 3.5-in LCD screen, about 30% larger and resolution 84% sharper than those of other IR cameras on the market. A feature called IR-Fusion lets users combine IR images with standard photography to better identify problem areas.

To simplify operation, the cameras automatically focus when photographing items 4 ft away and farther. The camera can also be manually focused on items as close as 6 in. Users can document and transport images using a removable 8gb SD memory card and an 8 Gb wireless SD card. Users can also share images and data with other field technicians using any of 20 different Fluke tools featuring the built-in Fluke Connect app and ShareLive video. Users can create IS2, .bmp, and .jpg image files and then export files in several different formats using the included software. They can also transfer of images to PCs using the USB port and cable.

A rechargeable lithium ion battery pack provides over 4 hr of use and takes about 2.5 hr to recharge.

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