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Low-Cost Servomotors Include Encoder, Drive, and Controller

Low-Cost Servomotors Include Encoder, Drive, and Controller

ClearPath servomotors from Teknic Inc., Rochester, N. Y., combine a high-performance servomotor, optical encoder, brushless sine-wave servodrive, and motion controller into a compact package. Combining the components into a single device eliminates failure-prone cables. It is priced so that it can be used where ac-induction, dc-brush, and stepper motors were used in the past.

The device comes in a wide range of NEMA-23 and 34 frame sizes, with peak power from 100 to 1,000 W (1.3 hp). Prices for the NEMA-23 systems start at $254, while those for NEMA-34 units begin at $290.

The MC Series of ClearPath servomotors have a built-in motion controller with jerk-limited profiles that let users precisely control position, velocity, or torque using simple digital inputs such as switches, pushbuttons, and PLC outputs. The SD Series have high-speed step-and-direction interfaces, letting it be used with motion controllers as drop-in replacements for stepper motors and digital servos. The units can operate in any of 11 modes. (To see the unit operating under each of them, go to

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