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Precision Power Chuck with Quick-Change Jaws

Precision Power Chuck with Quick-Change Jaws

When machine shops demanded a chuck that could hold a variety of workpieces despite having thin walls or small diameters, engineers at Röhm, Lawrenceville, Ga., responded by designing the DURO-NCSE Flex power chuck. It acts as a standard three-jaw chuck, but a bayonet-style connector lets users change an attachment to switch clamping devices.

The case-hardened steel chuck has individually locking jaws that can be moved, changed, and turned. The tangentially aligned key bar improves the centrifugal behavior of the chuck and reduces the amount of lost clamping force while allowing higher rpms with large through-holes.

For shops that frequently change clamping tools, the chuck lets them switch from mandrels and collets to chucks to face drivers and centers without having to remove the chuck from the machine tool. With this setup, job-shop owners can reduce setup times by virtually accommodating any style of chucking needed.

The chuck is also well suited to short-bar feeding applications because it provides more workpiece support at the machine-tool spindle. And for short-bar (4-ft) feeding applications, the chuck reduces the amount of prep cutting and waste. The chuck has a dead-length collet chuck that can be added to support 4-ft sections.

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