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Smaller Stainless-Steel Sensor Fits Almost Any Application

Smaller Stainless-Steel Sensor Fits Almost Any Application

Advances in technology and manufacturing have let engineers at TURCK (, Plymouth, Minn., design and build two new sensors, the EG05K and EH04K, that are only 15.2 mm long and 5 mm or smaller in diameter. This makes them the shortest M4 and M5 sensors on the market and they open new possibilities for machine builders, especially in the metals manufacturing and die stamping industries.

The sensors are 15-mm shorter than the standard EG05 and EH04 so they fit in the tight spaces created by the shrinking size of machinery. Housed in a stainless steel barrel, the sensors come with a flexible TPU cable that withstands harsh applications. The sensors can be flush mounted for protection, and this does not affect their 1-mm sensing range. The barrel sensors also have an LED that give users a visual indication of their status.

Both sensors operate in temperatures from -25° to 70°C and are powered by 10 to 30 VDC. They carry an IP67 rating and can be provided with two meters of potted cable. There are also PNP and NPN configurations available.

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