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A Travel Case that Can Take Abuse

A Travel Case that Can Take Abuse

Rugged, durable cases from Pelican Products Inc., Torrance, Calif., are rotationally molded from polyethylene, a process that puts more material at the corners and edges where it is needed most for protection during impacts.  The sides and tops of the cases have molded-in ribs for strength and stiffness. Handles, latches, and hinges are recessed to prevent them from being sheared off during transport. Anti-shear locks keep the lid aligned with the base despite the case being dropped or abused. And cases of similar size and shape have matching tops and bottoms, so they don’t shift when stacked. The top and bottom seal watertight with a tongue-and-groove seal, giving the cases an IP67 rating.

The cases can be equipped with custom-cut foam to securely hold specific equipment. But if foam is inadequate, the company can construct metal frames and cradles to hold equipment. The cradles and frames come with optional foam-bumper dampeners or elastomeric shock mounts that mitigate impacts of up to 15 gs.

Options for cases included wheels that simplify transporting the cases and forklift spacers and abash plate if the equipment inside is heavy. Standard or mil-spec purge valves prevent vacuum lock that can occur after a change in altitude. To keep equipment rust-free and dry, the factory can install desiccant chambers.  Cases come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Cases can be constructed to meet Mil-Spec and Air Transportation Association standards.

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