World's Greatest Engineering Movie

Join our bracket and compete against other readers in a contest to decide the greatest engineering movies of all time.
Congratulations To Apollo 13The tournament has come to an end and Apollo 13 has claimed the title! Thanks to all of the participants that voted throughout the past several weeks of Movie Madness. We had a tremendous response from the community and hope that all of you had fun voting for your favorite engineering films.

Congratulations to the Top 20 Points Leaders (below) as well. For the last five weeks these readers voted for their favorite films and accumulated more points than any of the competition. We hope you enjoy the great prizes that we will be sending you in the coming weeks.
Apollo 13 Wins The Championship
Apollo 13 had a great run in the tournament, dominating every single opponent along the way. The film easily took down fan-favorites like Flight of the Phoenix and Bridge on the River Kwai. The fearless astronauts and lightning fast thinking crew of the Apollo 13 certainly do exemplify engineering and inventiveness at their best. Looking back at the results from each week, it is clear that Apollo 13 deserves to be named The World's Greatest Engineering Movie!Additional Information (Click below to expand):
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