Meet the Swiss Army Knife of Robotic Arms (.PDF Download)

May 25, 2017
Meet the Swiss Army Knife of Robotic Arms (.PDF Download)

It wouldn’t be appropriate to call Andrew Wingate’s Evezor an all-in-one robotic arm. Rather, the phrase “everything-in-one” fits the manufacturing platform to a tee, and for good reason. The list of this machine’s capabilities is astounding and near endless: 3D printing, carving, welding, cutting assembling, pouring, milling, drawing, pick and placement, engraving, and more can all be done using the Evezor.

It’s like having a machine shop on your desktop, only this one can serve drinks as well—which you’ll no doubt need with all that extra time you’ll have on hand. Touted as taking you “from prototype to production,” Wingate designed the Evezor to allow its users to see their projects go from idea to packaging seamlessly without the need for multiple production platforms.

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