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Machine Design

High-Speed Ball-Screw Drive

The AGK units drive linear motions at speeds up to 96 m/min.

The high-performance ball screw in a rigid aluminum housing uses specially designed screw supports and optimized bearing configurations to reduce screw whip at high rpms. The units come in ball-screw accuracy Classes 5, 7, and 9, and in Sizes 20X, 32X, and 40X.

The AGK comes as a complete, ready-to-install unit in lengths up to 6,000 mm, with optional integrated motor mounts for end or side-mounted motors. Stainless-steel cover strips are standard to prevent dust or contaminants from penetrating the housing and damaging the screw. Integrated carriage connections simplify assembly while two funnel-type lube nipples on the carriage provide access when relubrication becomes necessary.

Bosch Rexroth Corp., 14001 S. Lakes Dr., Charlotte, NC 28273, (800) 739-7684,

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