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Molded Cordsetsand Receptacles

Six, seven, and nine-pin molded cordsets and receptacles replace hardwiring, bringing power to devices on the factory floor quickly and easily.

Molded Cordsets and Receptacles

The quick-disconnect cordsets are said to be simple to use, and in the event of a failure can be replaced by standard equipment operators or facilities personnel. M23 powerfast cordsets and receptacles provide power (up to 20 A at 300 V) to motors, material-handling, and other heavy-duty applications. The six and seven-pin configurations are offered with 14 awg at 20 A and 300 V, while the nine pin is available with three 14 awg at 20 A and six 18 awg at 8A and 150 V. Each configuration is offered with PVC cable, and connectors that provide waterproof protection to IEC IP67. Front or rear-mount mating receptacles are available in fully encapsulated brass housings.

Turck Inc.
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Minneapolis, MN 55441
(800) 544-7769

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