Machine Design

New Product: Software for Motor and Generator Design

Opera software for motor and generator design lets users define complex behaviors such as friction, load, and speed-dependent torques.

Multiphysics capabilities show the effects of temperature and of mechanical stresses that torque will have on parts. A new front end to an electromagnetic simulator speeds design by means of fill-in-theblanks dialog boxes. Users select the required motor or generator from a list that includes induction, brushless permanent magnet, and switched reluctance motors. After users type in about 10 parameters to define mechanical geometry, material properties, and electrical data, the software creates the model. Parameters might include diameters of rotor, stator, and shaft, stator-tooth width and the number of stator slots.

Vector Fields Inc., 1700 N. Farnsworth Ave., Aurora, IL 60505, (630) 851-1734,

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