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Machine Design

Quiet axialpiston pump

A new line of medium-pressure (280-bar) variable-displacement, axial-piston pumps is for open-circuit applications on mobile equipment.

The P1 Series pumps have a compact, round housing that is smaller and than previous with comparable capabilities.-Three models have maximum displacements of 75,100, 140 cc/rev. choice of standard mounting flanges and ports, end or side inlet and outlets, and case drain ports for horizontal, vertical, and shaft-up mounting. Other standard features include elastomer seals, tapered-roller shaft bearings, and hydrostatic cam bearings. Control options include pressure-limiter, load-sensing and pressure limiter, and pilot-operated with ISO 4401 (NG6 Interface).

Parker Hydraulic Pump Div., 14249 Industrial Pkwy., Marysville, OH 43040, (800) 551-5956,

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