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How To Accomplish Predictable, Reliable Linear Motion

Tips for correctly specifying and sizing your actuator.
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Discover how cloud-based PLM with Teamcenter X drives innovation and collaboration

Manufacturers face challenges to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. Discover how PLM software enables manufacturers to harmonize their teams with a single software ...
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Build vs Buy. Considerations Before Starting a Machine Design Project

This paper looks at building vs buying a three axis PCB-based positioning motion controller. It examines the motion control design effort, required resources, and cost for each...
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Force Control in Actuators and Robot End Effectors

Specific actuators are often mounted on transport systems such as robotic arms and gantries. This paper details the capabilities and properties that ensure your next application...
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Satellite Rocket Thrusters Rely on Bimetallic Rings

The high temperatures found in rocket thrusters will melt most metals, driving one manufacturer to find a unique solution while maintaining precision and quality.
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In College, Sports Trumps STEM

If colleges are working toward preparing students for better jobs with more money, should they be investing so much more in sports than they do in STEM?
The Vermont Tech and Taps Tour (Part 5)

The Vermont Tech and Taps Tour (Part 5)

From helping the blind to revolutionizing the space industry, this one startup center has it all.

What IS a Crypto-economy?

Cryptocurrencies are only the tip of the Blockchain iceberg. Is this just a fad, or a bona-fide disruption of the world economy?
The Vermont Tech and Taps Tour (Part 4)

The Vermont Tech and Taps Tour (Part 4)

Machine Design tours Vermont’s growing manufacturing, technology, and brewery Industries.