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clipx WIRE assist
clipx WIRE assist
clipx WIRE assist
clipx WIRE assist

Software-Aided WorkBench for Efficient Wire Preparation

July 13, 2023
An ergonomic worker assistance system for the digitally assisted assembly of conductors and cables.

Industrial processes harbor a large number of manual tasks. The potential to reduce time-consuming activities can bring relief and time-savings in such tasks as conductor preparation.

Phoenix Contact, based in Germany, has addressed this need with the design of a software-enabled workbench for managing and automating wiring tasks.

The company characterizes the clipx WIRE assist as a software-aided “tool” for efficient wire preparation and wiring that promises to increase productivity and increase reliability.

The worker assistance system is customizable, consisting of a software program and an optional, adjustable workbench with a variety of accessories.

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Plan and Organize Wiring Operations

Technicians can stay organized with this modular, mobile workstation, featuring a mobile workbench, modular extension with holder systems, device carriers and shelves for automatic tools, printers, hand tools and accessories.

Software tools, controls and added tools can be added on. The software tool itself controls the add-on devices, offers intuitive guidance by taking the user through the process of wire preparation with subsequent wiring.

Ergonomics and 5S

The workbench aligns seamlessly with 5S principles. It features electrical height adjustment and is mounted on four industrial-grade castors with brakes, making it very mobile. The modular design of the system also gives the user the freedom to arrange their workstation as desired.

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Promise of High Process Reliability

According to Phoenix Contact, there are several features that work to keep everything a technician needs within reach:

  • The workbench features wire spool rods or mounting shelves for quick access to most wires needed to complete the task at hand.
  • The clipx WIRE assist software increases wire processing productivity and improves consistency. The software controls the wire cutting and labeling devices, guiding the user through clear onscreen instructions on a laptop or touchscreen.
  • The program can be used with the CUTFOX 10 wire cutting machine, the THERMOMARK ROLL series printers, the CF3000 wire stripper and ferrule crimper, and the CF500 ferrule and lugs crimping machine.

By allowing the technician to adapt the position of hand tools and automatic tools, these design features support high process reliability, efficiency and flexibility. 

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