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Putting IIoT to Work

May 24, 2023
A compendium of technical articles from Machine Design and Igus

The genesis of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) was built on the idea that data could help manufacturers understand not just what was happening with equipment at a single point in time, but could also provide trending data and better imagine the overall health, safety and productivity of the operation. The software, sensors and strategy that have emerged from that basic idea are truly transforming the way we look at our machines—and our humans.

The role of the worker in this technological transformation is essential. Far from being a bystander to the data network, the plant worker’s role is to interpret, prioritize and more quickly act based on the data available. But this is a strategic initiative as much as a tactical one. From the machine’s design through to its operation and lifecycle management, the operator must be guided by both a sound plan as well as a dynamic network.

This e-book looks at ways to accomplish this goal within the framework of the digital revolution. One thing is certain: the technology works. The effective use of that technology by the manufacturing workforce is the variable that will lead to success—or stagnation.

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